Administrative Medical Assistant

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Administrative Medical AssistantStudents prepare for careers as integral members of a healthcare team in an outpatient setting. Competency-based activities in the program provide extensive hands-on practice for students in the use of computer application skills to create and handle medical information. Medical terminology and transcription, electronic health records, patient administrative services, HIPAA, and professional ethics are presented with emphasis on the patient accounts procedures of the healthcare industry. The program also provides extended learning opportunities for persons previously or currently employed in related professions. In addition, work-based learning experiences are available in many medical settings that support the theory presented in the classroom.

Note: Students must possess basic keyboarding/word processing skills, ability to access/send email, and Internet search capabilities prior to enrollment in the program.

Program Length: Four quarters (approximate)

Through an Opportunity Grant, special tuition and book funding is available to assist low-income adult students entering this program. Contact Ramon Burton, 253.680.7544, for more information.

Certificate of Competency: 75 Credits

90+ Level Human Relations 5 5
90+ Level Communications 5 5
90+ Level Mathematics


ADMA 101 Introduction to the Health Care Profession 5
ADMA 102 Introduction to Medical Terminology 4
ADMA 103 Medical Transcription I 3
ADMA 104 Medical Office Procedures I 3
ADMA 105 Administrative Medical Procedures I 4
ADMA 106 Medical Terminology II 4
ADMA 107 Medical Office Procedures II 3
ADMA 108 Medical Transcription II 4
ADMA 109 Administrative Medical Procedures II 4
ADMA 110 Medical Terminology III 4
ADMA 111 Medical Insurance 4
ADMA 112 Medical Data Base 2
ADMA 113 Administrative Medical Procedures III 4
ADMA 114 Medical Terminology IV 4
ADMA 115 Coding 5
ADMA 120 Practical Applications * 3

* This course may be substituted with a work-based learning component.