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Automotive MechanicIn an active, campus auto service facility, students practice all aspects of the profession, from balancing tires to diagnosing engine problems. Using advanced computerized analyzers, students learn to perform repairs, overhaul engines and transmissions, service fuel injection systems, and much more.

Bates' automotive program is certified by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) for both secondary and post-secondary levels. Bates' Automotive Technology program instructors are Evaluation Team Leaders for NATEF and evaluate other programs in the Puget Sound area for NATEF membership eligibility. Instruction is configured according to Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification requirements, and students are encouraged to take one or more ASE certification tests while completing the program.

Program Length: Eight quarters (approximate)

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Associate in Applied Science Degree: 142 Credits

100+ Level Human Relations 5
100+ Level Communications 5
100+ Level Mathematics


AUTOM 101 Basic Engines 4
AUTOM 102 Engine Systems 4
AUTOM 103 Basic Electrical Theory 4
AUTOM 105 Engines/Electrical Applications 3
AUTOM 106 Shop Safety and Meter Certification 1
AUTOM 121 Basic Engine Performance 5
AUTOM 122 Basic Ignition Systems 5
AUTOM 123 Introduction to Fuel Systems 4
AUTOM 124 Introduction to Emissions Systems 2
AUTOM 125 Introduction to Fuel Injection 2
AUTOM 130 Introduction to Lighting and Instruments 4
AUTOM 131 Introduction to Clutches and Manual Transmissions 4
AUTOM 132 Automatic Transmissions/Transaxles 4
AUTOM 133 Four and All-wheel Drive 4
AUTOM 140 Wheel Alignment and Steering Systems 4
AUTOM 141 Brake Systems 4
AUTOM 142 Disc and Drum Brakes 4
AUTOM 143 Heating and Air Conditioning Systems 4
AUTOM 201 Advanced Engine Repair 5
AUTOM 202 Engine Assembly 3
AUTOM 203 Automotive Electrical Systems 4
AUTOM 204 Battery, Starters, and Charging Systems 4
AUTOM 220 Ignition Systems Service 4
AUTOM 221 Fuel Systems Service 4
AUTOM 222 Emissions Systems Service 3
AUTOM 223 Fuel Injection 3
AUTOM 230 Lighting and Instrument Service 3
AUTOM 231 Clutches and Manual Transmission Service 5
AUTOM 232 Automatic Transmission and Transaxle Service 4
AUTOM 233 Four and All-Wheel Drive Service 4
AUTOM 240 Advanced Wheel Alignment and Steering Systems Service 4
AUTOM 241 Advanced Brake Service 4
AUTOM 242 Advanced Disc and Drum Brake Service 4
AUTOM 243 Applied HVAC Service 3