BankMobile VIBE

Introducing a new way to get your disbursement/refund from financial aid!

When it comes to receiving financial aid disbursements, you deserve choices! That's why we've partnered with BankMobile VIBE, a financial services company focused on higher education, to bring you more convenient options to receive your financial aid disbursements/refunds.

BankMobile VIBE is designed to provide you with increased choices for financial aid or college disbursements/refunds.

Your new convenient options

When it comes to deciding how to get your money, just choose the best option that fits you.

  • Deposit to another account. Money in two to three business days.
  • Same business day deposit to BankMobile VIBE account. Money deposited to the account the same business day funds are released by BankMobile VIBE.
  • Paper check. Money in five to seven business days

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