College Vision

College Vision is a training tool for students to learn how to work in a broadcast facility, do switching, media operations, television automation, and more. College Vision runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can view College Vision from Saturday through Thursday on Click! channel 26.

Some of our locally produced programming includes shows including Work It! While You Still Can, The Kickback, This Ain't Karaoke,  and high school football and basketball games recorded by Bates students using our remote truck. You can view a sample programming schedule.

When local programming is not available, education programming from Annenberg Learner airs.

Take a Look Tacoma

This student-produced show features interesting locations and activities unique to Tacoma. Whether you want to learn more about our museums or the history of the Murray Morgan Bridge, you're sure to learn something new! You can watch other episodes of Take a Look Tacoma on College Vision, Click! channel 26.


Train for your career in the TV, radio or film industry

College VisionInterested in what happens behind the camera? Bates' audio/visual technology and communication programs may be right for you. Housed at our state-of-the-art Central/Mohler Campus, these programs prepare students for careers in the audio, video, film, television, and multimedia industries. Whether you're interested in focusing on sound production, digital media or broadcast careers such as broadcast operations, broadcast engineering or video production, these programs will harness your creative energy.

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