Constitution Week Celebration

This is your chance to earn prizes, acquire the admiration of your peers, and, perhaps, launch a career as a constitutional scholar!

The United States Constitution is one of the most amazing and important documents ever created by the hand of man. Since 1789, it has been the basis of all that we do here in the United States. It is brilliant in its scope and practical in its simplicity. Americans constantly debate the meaning and interpretation of the Constitution, which has led to many heated arguments.  Nevertheless, the document ultimately unites us as a culture and a nation. 

The 2017 Contest

How well do you know the Constitution? This year's Constitution Contest focuses upon the way that the original U.S. Constitution dealt with women and people of color. If you answer these questions correctly, you will discover that the founders had a different notion of equality than we do today. Over time, we have made adjustments to the Constitution in our efforts to make it more inclusive. Current events suggest we still have some work to do. In any case, please give the contest a try.

Each correct answer to the questions is worth one point. Each contestant may only submit one entry.

  • You can fill out the quiz starting Monday, Oct. 23.
  • All quizzes must be submitted by NOON on Friday, Oct. 27.   
  • All Bates students and employees are eligible to enter. (Save for members of the History Department, who have all of the answers stored away in a secret safe.)

Please answer the questions and submit them online, or you can drop your answers off at the following locations:

  • Downtown Campus:  Kurt Schaefer, Room MZ 137C
  • South Campus:  Drop Box in Main Office Area
  • Central Campus:  Please place entries in the box at the front reception desk.


Prizes will be awarded for the top point earners in three categories: 

  • High school students: $100 cash
  • Adult career education students: $100 Foundation scholarship
  • Employees: $30 gift certificate to Tower Coffee

If there is more than one entry qualifying for a prize, those names will be placed into a hat and the winner will be drawn from that pool. All award winners will be announced the following week.


If you have any particular questions (aside from asking what the answers to the contest are), please contact Kurt Schaefer at 253.680.7269, or Ed Young at 253.680.7590,

Good luck! <External link to the Constitution Day quiz>

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