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Cynthia Neubauer-Lee
EOC Education Advisor

The Education Opportunity Center (EOC) is a partnership between Bates Technical College and the REACH Center. The mission of the EOC is to assist participants in their pursuit of post-secondary education. This mission is carried out by providing free educational and career advising to each individual.  EOC's focus is to assist individuals with reaching their educational goals through:

  • One-on-one support
  • Connections to educational resources and,
  • Navigating the college enrollment process  

EOC Advisors assist with:

  • Identifying a career path
  • Creating educational goals
  • Applying to a college or career of best fit and,
  • Applying for financial aid in order to pay for college  as well as,
  • Assisting students with grant overpayment and student loan default.

Our target demographics are low income and first generation college students. If students meet income standards, we can pay for college assessment test and 80% of college admission fee.

For more information about the EOC program, please contact Cynthia Neubauer-Lee, EOC Education Advisor, 253.680.7153 or