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Students prepare for careers in Early Childhood Education (ECE) for such positions as Early Learning Program teacher, assistant teacher, program supervisor, and/or center director. The ECE curriculum prepares students to work with children birth to 8 years of age in diverse early childhood environments.

The competencies are aligned with Washington State Core Competencies for Early Care and Education Professionals and national standards (National Association for the Education of Young Children) and identify seven (7) content areas organized into five (5) levels of proficiency.

Early Childhood students will combine learned theories and practical laboratory experiences with young children in early childhood education programs under supervision with qualified educators.

Recommended:  Complete all 100 level ECE courses before entering 200 level ECE courses.


  1. Pass the Department of Early Learning Portable Background Check prior to the 1st day of class
  2. Negative Mantoux TB test in the 12 months prior to 1st day of class
  3. Complete entrance testing at an 80-level minimum

Program Length: Six quarters (approximate)

Associate in Applied Science - Transfer Degree: 96 Credits

ECE core coursework and 100+ English, 100+ Math w/Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning, 100+ Human Relations, 100+ Humanities (Students must have a 2.0 GPA to receive an AAS Transfer degree. Grades below a 2.0 in any course may affect its transferability to another college.)

100+ Level Humanities  5

Associate in Applied Science Degree: 91 Credits

ECE core coursework and 100+ English, 100+ Math, 100+ Human Relations (Students must have a 2.0 GPA to receive an AAS degree. Grades below a 2.0 in any course may affect its transferability to another college.)

100+ Level English  5
100+ Level Mathematics  5
100+ Level Human Relations  5

State Initial Early Childhood Education Certificate CREDITS
ECED& 105 Intro to Early Childhood Education 5
ECED& 107 Health, Nutrition and Safety 5
ECED& 120 Practicum - Nurturing Relationships* 2
State Short Certificate of Specialization Early Childhood Education
(Must complete Initial Certificate Plus the following 8 credits)
EDUC& 115 Child Development - and   5
Choose ONE of the following 3 credit options (For 2nd year students, Guiding Behavior and ONE of the following):
EDUC& EDUC& ECED& ECED& ECED& 130 136 132 134 139 Guiding Behavior
School Age    
Infant Toddler
Family Child Care
Administration of EL 

State Early Childhood Education Certificate

(Must  complete Initial & Short Certificate,  5 cr. 100+ level English, 5cr 100+ level Math, plus the following 17 credits)  

EDUC& 150 Child, Family and Community 3
ECED& 160 Curriculum Development 5
ECED& 170 Environments for Young Children 3
ECED& 180 Language & Literacy Development 3
ECED& 190 Observation and Assessment 3

Early Childhood Education Required AAS-Degree  Coursework:

**A 2.0 is required in each key assessment course to meet the 5 levels of proficiency.

ECED& 139 Administration of EL (This is a required course for 2nd year) 3
EDUC& 204 **Exceptional Children 5
ECE 207 **Professionalism 5
ECE 211 Social and Emotional Development 5
ECE 212 **Cognitive Development 5
ECE 213 Creative Experience-Art & Movement 5

Early Childhood Education Practicums Required AAS-Degree Coursework:

(All  Practicum coursework must be completed with a 2.0 grade or better, including *ECED& 120)

ECE 204 **Early Childhood Practicum II: Birth to 3 years 3
ECE 210 **Early Childhood Practicum III: 3 years to 8 years 3
ECE 214 **Early Childhood Practicum IV: Birth to 8 years 2