College Academic Courses (90-100-200 Level) Adult High School Diploma Program + Adult skill Development Courses (80 Level)

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College Academic Courses and General Education
Inna Klassen, Administrative Assistant
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Adult High School Diploma Program + Adult Skill Development Courses
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College academic general education courses (90-100-200 Level) and Adult High School Completion + math and English skill development (80 level) courses are an important component to a Bates education. Regardless of your skill level, you can start now on prerequisite courses or college academic courses that are part of the degree path if, even if you are waitlisted for a career education program. Completion of 100 and 200 level general education requirements for degrees and certificates complements your industry-specific skills training.

General education courses develop competence in English communication, mathematical reasoning and computation, and human relations that are necessary to succeed in the workplace and the broader community for professional and personal growth and development. Our generally transferrable academic coursework also provides a foundation for your future educational efforts. For further information about any college level academic coursework please contact any of our faculty advisors.

Adult High School courses at Bates lead to a HS diploma awarded by the college. Our adult HS program also prepares students for a successful and seamless transition to the college environment. For more information on adult high school enrollment, contact:

Lynn Neal, Instructor and Admissions Advisor, 253.680.7274

No matter where you start in your academics, we can help you reach your goals.

Academic Coursework for Allied Health Degrees

Bates offers several paths for those needing to take math, biology, English, psychology, microbiology, communication, nutrition, chemistry, and anatomy and physiology academic prerequisite courses for entry into various allied health degree programs, including our Practical Nurse and Occupational Therapy Assistant program. See the yearly or quarterly general education schedule for information on course offerings.

ABE and Adult High School Diploma Program Courses

Our Adult Basic Education (ABE) courses in mathematics develop a solid foundation of skills for students to successfully transition to 90 level algebra coursework.  Our ABE courses in English provide a similar skill foundation for students to successfully transition to 90 level reading, writing and English coursework. ABE and Adult HS courses come at the low cost of only $25.00 per quarter tuition.  ABE courses may be combined or taken concurrently with Adult High School completion coursework, and count as credit towards the Adult High School diploma.  

Bates offers ABE classes throughout the year on a rotating basis at all three Bates campuses. Check the general education schedule for availability of specific courses.  Bates offers Adult HS Diploma Program at our downtown campus only.