High School 21+ (HS21+)

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Amanda Quintana, HS21+ Coordinator and Advisor
Email: aquintana@bates.ctc.edu

If you've earned high school credits, have work, military or life experience, but have not yet obtained your high school diploma or equivalency, then this program may be the perfect fit for you.

What is HS21+?

  • The High School 21+ program is a competency-based high school diploma offered at Bates Technical College.
  • Adults ages 21 years or older can earn a high school diploma. An advisor will look at transcripts and knowledge gained from life experience, and work with you to craft an educational plan to fill gaps.
  • HS 21+ infuses basic skills classes with more rigorous, high school-level education and training so you can upgrade your skills while working toward a high school credential.
  • High School 21+ is geared toward also transitioning students into Career and College programs that will lead to living wage jobs.

Program Overview

  • Students are assessed to measure their gaps in education and work readiness. An advisor will create a customized plan of action.
  • To receive a diploma, students must demonstrate competency in reading, writing, and math in the context of science, history, government, occupational studies, and digital literacy. Students can demonstrate their knowledge in several ways, including work, life, and military experience; a prior learning portfolio; and high school and college transcripts.
  • Students are eligible for the Basic Skills tuition rate of $25 per quarter.
  • Bates Technical College issues the diploma. 

Get Started

  1. Get copies of your official high school transcripts from previous schools; gather documentation of college credits, certifications, work history (Work Source on 13th and Tacoma Ave can give you a print out of your work hours) and any other documentation or learning activities/trainings you think may count as credit towards your high school diploma.
  2. Bring your transcripts and your $25 quarterly registration fee to one of our weekly testing/registration session on Thursdays or Fridays at 9am at the downtown campus in room E-307. (Except on holidays)
  3. For additional questions contact Amanda Quintana via email (link in blue) or phone at 253-680-7395.
  4. Open doors to a brighter future.  Transition into higher education and a career that you love. Be the example for your family and friends' success. It is not too late to start, come see us this week.

With HS21+, you have a new opportunity to earn a diploma and turn your fortunes around.