FAQ: Bates One Card

Bates Technical College has partnered with Higher One, a financial services company focused on helping students like you get the most out of your money.
It's a new partnership for us, and we anticipate some questions.

So, we compiled this guide with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Higher One, the process for receiving money from Bates Technical College, and your new Bates One Card.

What is Higher One?

Higher One is a financial services company that provides refund management and student-focused money management services to higher education institutions.

Why am I getting a card?

Because you will use it to select how you want to receive your financial aid disbursement/refund money. Once you have your card, simply view your choices and make your selection at www.BatesOneCard.com.

You'll only receive a card if you have these types of funding:

  • Early Achiever's Opportunity Grant
  • Financial Aid
  • Opportunity Grant
  • Worker Retraining

How will I get a Bates One Card?

You will receive your card in the mail at your home address on file with Bates Technical College. Just look for the bright green envelope and please make sure your address is up-to-date (go to MyBates to update your address).

What if I have not received my Bates One Card after Sept. 2014?

Simply log on to www.BatesOneCard.com and use the "Where's my Card?" self help feature for a real-time status update on your card.

What are my options for receiving money?

  • Same business day deposit to a Higher One checking account. Money in the same business day funds are released.
  • Deposit to another account. Money in two to three business days.
  • Paper check issued by Higher One and sent by mail.

What if I don't make a selection?

Although you might not currently expect money from Bates Technical College, you may receive a disbursement/refund in the future. After all, you may drop a class, make an over payment, or simply receive assistance you did not expect. Making a selection now ensures you'll always have this money without a delay. 

What do students need to do?

  1. Make sure Bates Technical College has your current mailing address! If your address changed recently, please update it on MyBatesYour current address is extremely important!
  2. Be sure to update your address with the US Postal Service to avoid delays.
  3. Check your mailbox for the bright green envelope from Higher One with the Bates One Card inside! Then follow these three simple steps:
    • Visit: www.BatesOneCard.com
    • Set up:  Enter your card number to get started.
    • Choose:  Select the refund option that best fits you.

Helpful Links

  • Higher One ATM locations--Bates' Downtown Campus will have a Higher One ATM. You can also go to any other Higher One ATM to withdraw your funds from your card without incurring a fee.
  • Fee Schedule