Online Courses

Online Courses

Fall 2014 Classes (registration begins August 4)

The last day to register for any class is Sept. 26. An $8 per credit online class fee will be assessed per class. Upon completion of all courses within a series, students can apply for a certificate of training in the specified certificate series with appropriate college credits.

You can register for continuing education classes by mail, online or you can call 253.680.7402 to register over the phone using a MasterCard or Visa.


Certain online courses require texts that are available on your class website when you sign in. The cost for texts are between $19.95 for online access up to $39.95 for a black-and-white printed book. 

Medical Online Courses

Medical Terminology, MEDSU 101
Learn the language of medicine and explore the terminology, based primarily on Latin, Greek and English words. Text is approximately $82, plus tax, and is not included in tuition.
4105, 9/29-12/5, 2 cr., $200

Required Textbook:

Medical Terminology Systems, 7th Edition with CD  (ISBN: 9780803635753 )