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Thanks to the generosity of our many donors, the foundation is able to offer nearly $100,000 each year in scholarships to support students in their educational endeavors. Scholarships are available for both new and returning students and applications are accepted every quarter.

While some scholarships are designated for students enrolled in specific programs, others are available to all students. Scholarships are typically able to be used for tuition, books, tools and other supplies. Students who are enrolled half time or greater (6+ credits) are eligible to apply for scholarships. Scholarships may  not typically be used for living expenses such as rent, child care, transportation or groceries.

Scholarship applications are only accepted online.

Application Deadlines - at NOON on the date indicated below

Spring Quarter 2017: Application will be available in February

Emergency Scholarships
A limited number of emergency scholarships are awarded to students who are facing unexpected, extenuating circumstances. To be eligible, students must have been enrolled at Bates for a minimum of two quarters, have unmet need as verified by the financial aid office and cannot have received an emergency scholarship in the last calendar year. Funding is for up to $250 and can be used for emergency expenses such as utility bills, bus passes, medical bills, or other unanticipated emergencies. The emergency scholarship is not intended to be used for regular education expenses such as textbooks, exams, tools, or other supplies.  Please contact the foundation to receive an application.