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Summer Kenesson
Executive Dean of Research, Planning and Instruction

Nicholas Richter
Research Analyst

Bates is committed to an inclusive strategic planning process, which results in a three-year plan that will take the college forward to achieve its mission and goals. The planning process is led by a Strategic Planning Council, which meets every month to:

  • Review progress towards achieving goals
  • Address identified risks and challenges to achieving those goals
  • Report on progress to the Board of Trustees, and to the wider college community
  • Conduct an annual review of objectives and sub-objectives as part of the annual strategic planning process
  • Represent sectors of the college community in strategic planning, and communicate planning decisions across the college.

If you have any questions about how the council operates, or concerns or comments you would like brought forward to the next council meeting, please contact Summer Kenesson.

Strategic Plan 2010-2014

Bates has aligned its strategic planning process with the new regional accreditation process. The 2010-2014 Strategic Plan will guide the college to deliver its mission through four core themes:

  • Workforce Education
  • Student Centered
  • General Education
  • Community Relationships

For each of these core themes, the plan identifies strategic goals and objectives.

Council Membership 2012-2013

  • Kat Flores, diversity/ASG coordinator
  • Tom George, director of information technology
  • John Ginther, executive dean of financial services
  • Ivan Gorne, vice president for student services
  • Summer Kenesson, executive dean of strategic planning and institutional assessment
  • Ron Langrell, president
  • Cheri Loiland, executive dean of workforce education
  • Kevin Loveland, systems administrator, IT
  • Kym Pleger, director of college relations
  • Roland Robinson, instructor, broadcast/audio/video production
  • Dale Trombley, instructor, facilities maintenance program
  • Sheila White, human resources specialist
  • Lee Williams, instructor, BMTC
  • Jennie Vano, librarian