Strategic Plan

Bates is committed to an inclusive strategic planning process, which results in a plan that will move the college forward to achieve its mission and goals. 

 The 2016-2022 Strategic Plan will guide the college to deliver its mission through four core themes:

  • Workforce Education
  • Student Centered
  • General Education
  • Community Relationships

The college will focus on four primary strategic directions:

  • Grow new clienteles and programs
  • Increase student achievement
  • Enhance efficiency and expand capacity
  • Expand delivery options

Strategic Plan Reference Documents and Links

  Strategic Plan Milestones

Date Milestone
Oct. 2014 Feedback requested on draft strategic direction from college and trustees  
May 2014 "Ensuring a Preferred Future" document presented to the college, and overview of strategic plan presented at Commencement Day luncheon for all staff  
Sept. 2014 Review of draft strategic plan at Opening Day  
Jan. 2015 Approval of Strategic Plan by Board of Trustees
Feb.-June 2015 Review of Strategic Plan Goals at Board of Trustee Study Sessions  
Aug.-Sept. 2015 Strategic Plan Advocates and Champions meet during a series of meetings to review Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for each goal and objective.  
Oct. 2015 Al, Lin, Jim and Kym review KPI's and whittle the list down to 2-3 KPI's per objective  
Nov. 2015 Final review of KPI's by Executive Cabinet  
Next steps: Dec. 2015 EVP and Deans to review and update Appendix 1 of Strategic Plan  
Next steps: Dec. 2015 Champion Meetings with Advocates to develop action plans for each goal  
Next steps: Jan. 2016 Development of benchmarks and development of quarterly activity checkpoints to measure progress towards plan