Meet Our Students

Why do students choose Bates Technical College? What's it like to study in our programs? Click below to learn more from our students and alumni.

Brian GriffinBrian Griffin -

In His Own Words. 'If you are out of the military and don't know what to do or where to go, education is the best thing for you." Read More »

Raeshawna SagerRaeshawna Sager -

"I looked into many different programs and Bates Technical College truly has the type of hands-on learning that is most beneficial to me as a unique learner.At Bates, in addition to the hands-on learning, the opportunities to feel supported by faculty, administrators, and peers has really been a huge help for me as a woman pursuing a career in male dominated fields such as my field, civil engineering." Read More »

Taylor HensonTaylor Henson -

Taylor, a Technical High School student in the Digital Media program, found his way to Bates through an unusual route. Read More »

Adria McGhee -

When I moved to Washington from Omaha Nebraska to further my education I knew it would be a challenge. Taking care of my daughter, living in a state where I have no family, and wondering how I was going to pay for school. Read More »

Andrealle Burton '13 -

Andrealle Burton’s passion for the information technology field began when she was just 12 years old. During an afterschool activity at the Al Davies Boys and Girls Club, she learned about the programming and web design aspects of IT.  Read More »

Chris Hansen -

Chris Hansen '13 worked as a heavy equipment operator until a career-ending injury put him on a new career trajectory. The married father of two enrolled in Biomedical Service Technician: Clinical Engineering in 2012 to learn a trade that would use more of his brain than his body to perform. Read More »

Katie Wilkinson -

When Katie was in high school, her parents made it clear they would not fund her higher education. "Going to college was a choice I made on my own," she says. Read More »

Tovah Singleton -

Whether it’s studying at home, interning at a law firm, or volunteering to help juveniles in the court system, Tovah stands out. As Legal Assistant instructor Karin Kelley notes, “Tovah is brilliant.”  Read More »

Sarah Haren '05 -

“Going to school at Bates changed my life and set me on the path to success,” says Sarah Haren ‘05, now a lead teacher at the college’s child care center. Read More »

Jeffrey Carbullido -

Student veteran Jeffrey Carbullido said enlisting in the U.S. Marines was the best decision he’s ever made. Even though he wanted to attend college following graduation from Rogers High School in 2006, he didn’t know what he wanted to study, didn’t have any funds, and lacked transportation. “I walked into the Marines recruiting office and I was hooked,” he said. Read More »

Jesus Salvador Ncogo Biye -

“Africa needs improvement, and I want to improve my hometown,” said Jesus Ncogo Biye during his interview for his student visa. Even though Jesus holds a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications from a university in Ghana, he decided it wasn’t enough. At the urging of his brother, he decided to obtain a degree from a college or university in the U.S. Read More »

Dan Showalter -

Dan Showalter is committed to helping others. In 2002, he earned his bachelor’s degree from Pacific Lutheran University in religion with the goal of working in ministry. After graduation, he faced a bleak job market and decided to pursue a job as a carpenter—something in which he already had experience. Read More »

Cole Kauahi -

As a freshman at Wilson High School, Cole Kauahi realized that a traditional path toward high school completion wouldn’t work for him. After a brief period of taking online courses, a group of friends told him that Bates offered a Technical High School option. Read More »

Chelsea Lovin -

After a short career working in various customer service positions, including restaurant and hotel management, Chelsea Lovin was ready to pursue something different. Read More »

Tammy Chalmers -

Tammy L. Chalmers knew she needed a degree after she was laid off twice in the last four years because of the down economy. She evaluated her educational options and chose Bates Technical College because it offered the marketing and business management program she knew would make a difference in her life. Read More »

Aeriele Johnson -

Aeriele Johnson was busy during her final year at Bates. From serving as treasurer on the Associated Student Government (ASG), where she made budget presentations to the Board of Trustees, to participating in the annual Legislative Cookie Day and the Students of Color Conference, Aeriele said she’s learned to be a leader.  Read More »

Santiago Zayco -

A native of Bacolod City, Philippines, Santiago said his uncle gave Bates high recommendations, and spoke of his own success in the profession. Read More »

Desirae Hobbs -

As a youth, Desirae worked alongside her dad on a variety of construction projects. This experience helped lay the foundation for a career in the industry. In 2010, the Eatonville High School graduate took the first step toward earning a degree in the field. She enrolled in Bates’ carpentry program. Read More »

Jae Hoon Choi -

Jae Hoon Choi came directly to Bates from Pusan, Korea, in 2009 to enroll in the Dental Lab Technician program. His aunt, a former dental lab technician who lives in Buckley, told him about the profession and spoke highly of Bates. Read More »

Lisa Mostafa -

Licensed cosmetologist Lisa Mostafa first considered a career change in 2010 when she separated from her husband. The mother of a five-year-old boy, Lisa had been working as a hair stylist since 1993 and wanted to secure a better living for her family. Read More »

Sal McGowan -

Sal McGowan is a marine mechanic by trade. The Navy veteran and father of three had been working aboard ships since 1996 and as a mechanic for luxury yachts since 2000. When the economy went south and his job at the boat repair company ended, he decided to pursue his dream to become a firefighter. Read More »

Sunju Jeon -

A dental hygienist in her hometown of Changwon, Korea, Sunju, who pronounces her name Soon, decided to transfer to Bates’ Dental Lab Technician program so she could both learn English and pursue an associate of technology degree in the field. Read More »