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1st and 3rd Mondays, Downtown Campus, Room W211 (West Annex)


STEM logoIn 2013, a group of women students developed a club called Divine STEM, which helps provide support and connect resources to female students enrolled in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) courses at the college. 

Mission Statement

To support under-represented women in STEM-related programs at Bates Technical College, to attract future students through outreach, bring attention to women in usually male-dominated fields, and to increase the percentage of women employed in male-dominated career fields.

STEM career education programs at Bates

STEM careers have been predominately male; however, women engineers, biotechnology technicians, web developers, database administrators and more are stepping into these fields. Bates is proud to help educate, encourage and influence women in STEM programs.



Information Technology

A list of STEM career fields (pdf)

Helpful statistics

  • 1.4 million - Number of Computer Specialist job openings expected in the U.S. by the year 2020.
  • 56% of Advanced Placement (AP) test takers in 2011 were female.
  • 54% of 2011 Intel Science and Engineering (ISEF) finalists in biochemistry were women.
  • 57% of the 2010 bachelor degree recipients were female.

Source: www.ncwit.org

  • Women with STEM jobs earn 33% more than women in non-STEM fields.
  • On average, women earn $31.11-$36.34 per hour in STEM occupations compared to earning $19.26-$24.47 in non-STEM fields.
  • Women in engineering fields increased by 12,000 over a 9 year period from 2000 to 2009.
  • Women in Physical & Life Sciences jobs increased 4% between 2000 & 2009.

Source: www.esa.doc.gov

Quotes and testimonials

"I love seeing how mathematics makes stuff work, and in the Civil Engineering field, you definitely see math come to life. I did not know prior to being in the Civil Engineering program that trigonometry is essential to build the world we live in, and that slope intercept form actually makes sense in this field. WOW! An eye-opener, I love math in a greater sense now, and I can build roads, sidewalks, ramps, and much more because of mathematics."
-Rae, Civil Engineering Technician

"I got into Civil Engineering because I like history and checking out the whys of how things work. Civil Engineering has been around since the Romans. It is a very old and well established field. Civil Engineers get to do cool things like build bridges and roads and be outside most of the day."
-Susan, Civil Engineering Technician

"I decided to enroll in the web development because I like to design things on the computer. I also like it because I get to see immediate visual results. Did you know that you can create a webpage that is completely designed for color blind people through a special color blind pallet?" 
-Danielle, Web Developer

"I chose to go into the information technology program because I wanted to learn about computers and have the ability to fix my own computer. I wanted a career that paid a decent wage, which was the second factor in choosing my program. I, however, have learned that there is so much more to computers than I would have never known. I do enjoy learning about so many different technologies that are out there." 
-Elkie, Information Technology