Adria McGhee - In her own words

Adria McGheeIn her own words

When I moved to Washington from Omaha, Nebraska to further my education, I knew it would be a challenge: taking care of my daughter, living in a state where I have no family, and wondering how I was going to pay for school. When I began searching for schools with broadcasting, Bates caught my attention. After reading about classroom settings mirroring the workplace, I thought, "Great! Real hands-on training." Once I started my classes, I knew I had found my college.

I rely on financial aid to help pay for my education. Receiving the Associated Student Government scholarship to reduce financial burdens motivated me to continue pursuing my education here at Bates.

It also allowed me to be a part of what Bates has to offer. I learn so much and enjoy each day I'm here. I can't put into words how it feels to be here learning about how programs, movies, and commercials are placed together before it airs on television, as well as the hard work that goes into it. I'm learning from the most amazing instructors I have ever had and am working with other students on projects to create shows and commercials.

The best part, though, was being elected ASG president of the current school year. This is a privilege and an honor to have a role that I never thought I would have the courage to do. And for this, I'm proud of myself.

I was excited to learn that I was the recipient of the ASG scholarship for winter quarter 2012 as well as spring quarter 2013. I am grateful to your generous financial support towards my higher education.

I'm currently in my advanced quarters for broadcast operations in the Broadcast/Audio/Video Production program. I'm learning scriptwriting and will continue to make commercials as I study to get my television operator's license.

Upon graduation, I'll seek employment as a master control operator. I'm excited about my future and my path to greatness.

Thank you to the Bates Foundation for giving me the extra help I needed. The generosity of the donors truly makes a difference. It turns goals and dreams into a reality. One day, I hope to give back and help other students achieve their goals.