Cole Kauahi - Marketing and Business Management

cole kauahiAs a freshman at Wilson High School, Cole Kauahi realized that a traditional path toward high school completion wouldn't work for him. After a brief period of taking online courses, a group of friends told him that Bates offered a Technical High School option.

When he heard he could work simultaneously toward a college degree and a high school diploma, he was excited. "That's what attracted me to Bates," said 18-year-old Cole, who enrolled in 2010. "When I started [the Marketing and Business Management course], the environment was totally different compared to a regular high school. I was treated as an adult, I was accountable, and I had responsibilities," he said.

In addition to his full-time program, he also took several academic courses to fulfill high school requirements. Science, he said, piqued his interest. "As I was going through my program, I noticed I was more interested in the science side of things," he said. "The projects we did in our class were interesting. We explored biology, anesthesiology -which really intrigued me. With science, I could contribute to society and help individuals. The mix of the two really interests me."

He loved science so much, that Cole decided to research higher education opportunities in the discipline. All it took was a trip to visit his uncle in Hawaii, and a quick stop at Chaminade University, to solidify his plans and apply for entrance.

After he was accepted to the university, he received scholarships and a good financial aid package.  "I start classes January 2013," he said excitedly.

Cole notes he plans to use his Bates education to obtain a part-time job in the marketing and business management field to help pay for living and other educational expenses while in Hawaii.

"I know this program helped me prepare for the future," said Cole, who proudly accepted his high school diploma and associate of technology degree in May 2012.