Biomedical Service Technician: Clinical Engineering

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Biomedical Equipment Service Technician: Clinical EngineeringPlease attend a mandatory information session.

Health care, the largest industry in the country, employs more than 14 million people, and figures continues to mount. From small-town private practices to mammoth inner-city hospitals, health care workers are in high demand. The patients in those practices and hospitals depend not only on the expertise of doctors and nurses, but on the proper functioning of sophisticated biomedical equipment. The people responsible for repairing and maintaining these highly specialized machines and instruments such as defibrillators, heart monitors, electric wheelchairs, medical imaging equipment (x rays, CAT scanners, and ultrasound equipment), are biomedical service technicians. They inspect and install equipment used by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers for researching, monitoring, diagnosing, and treating illnesses and disorders. They also repair, calibrate, and safety test the equipment in order to ensure proper function and safety for both the operator and the patient.

Program Length: Seven quarters (approximate)

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Associate of Applied Science Degree: 114 Credits

Prerequisites                         Credits

BIOL& 175A&P                       5

To be taken prior to or in quarter 4 or 5 of program.                                                

100+ Level Human Relations 5
100+ Level Communications 5
100+ Level Mathematics 5
BMST 101 Safety Principles 4
BMST 102 Blood borne Pathogens 3
BMST 104 Applied Math 4
EEST 103 Electronics Principles I 5
EEST 104 DC Electronics 4
EEST 105 AC Electronics 5
EEST 106 Capacitors 4
EEST 107 Electronics Principles II 5
EEST 108 Amplifiers and Transistors 4
EEST 109 Electronic Devices 2
EEST 110 Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers 5
EEST 201 Electronic Principles - Automation 5
EEST 202 Antenna and Satellite Systems 3
EEST 203 Magnetic and Laser Media 3
EEST 204 RF Receivers and Audio Amps 4
BMST 105 Testing Equipment 5
BMST 106 Soldering 2
BMST 107 Schematics 3
BMST 109 Applied Service I 3
BMST 110 Applied Service II 2
BMST 201 Imaging Systems 3
BMST 215 Introduction to Medical Terminology 3
BMST 217 Biomedical Instrumentation 5
BMST 218 Biomedical Equipment 3
BMST 219 Medical Equipment Research 3
BMST 220 Biomedical Engineering Applications   
    OR 5
BMST 298 Work-based Learning - No Seminar