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eLearning for EducatorsYour busy schedule shouldn't delay you from obtaining the college credits you need to reach your career goals. With eLearning for Educators, you can schedule your education around your job and family.

Earn 100-level college credits from home at a reasonable cost with eLearning. The Washington state Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) accepts these courses for certificate maintenance.

To register for courses or to learn more about the program, contact the Educator Training Center, 253.680.7161 or email Jannica. You are also welcome to register online with a Visa or MasterCard.

New courses available this fall:

Foundations: Students with Deaf-Blindness, SPED 201 - now available
This course provides an introduction to working with students who have a combined vision and hearing loss including identification, challenges, and strategies. Developed in partnership with Washington Sensory Disabilities Services.
Item 5118, 2 credits, $58, plus $5 fee

Introduction to Transition Services - available later this fall
Developed in partnership with Center for Change in Transition Services.

Abuse and Neglect of Children, EDU 151*
This course is an introduction to the causes, extent and dynamics of child abuse and neglect along with mandatory reporting guidelines for educators.
Item 5110, 1 credit, $29, plue $5 fee

American Sign Language I, ASL&121 
Please contact ekurlinski@bates.ctc.edu for information about availability. This course offers participants the opportunity to develop a basic receptive and expressive vocabulary in American Sign Language, including finger spelling.
Item 5105, 5 credits, $145, plus $25 fee

Child Growth and Development, EDU 103*
Participants explore the unfolding of human development from the prenatal period through adolescence and the transition to adulthood. They learn how children grow physically, cognitively, and emotionally through all developmental stages.
Item 5109, 3 credits, $87, plus $25 fee

Deafness-Implications for Learning and Life, ASL 151
Please contact ekurlinski@bates.ctc.edu for information about availability. This course offers participants the opportunity to further explore the nature of deafness with its implications for learning and life. The course must be taken in conjunction with ASL& 121 American Sign Language I.
Item 5106, 1 credit, $29, plus $5 fee

Early Literacy and Numeracy in Preschool
This course provides an introduction to early literacy and numeracy development for all young children including children with disabilities.
Item 5195, 10 clock hours, $20

General Psychology, PSYC&100*
This course is an introduction to psychology for people with an interest in all that influences human behavior.
Item 5112, 5 credits, $145, plus $25 fee

School Law, EDU 101*
This course is an introduction to the history, political structure and legal framework of the public school system with emphasis on the basics of school law and how it applies to employees, students and parents.
Item 5108, 3 credits, $87, plus $25 fee

Special Needs in Inclusive Settings, SPED 103*
Through panel discussions with educators and parents, participants learn about benefits, issues, strategies and transitions for students with disabilities within inclusive settings.
Item 5117, 5 credits, $145, plus $25 fee

Understanding Diversity, SOC 111*
This course focuses on helping participants recognize and appreciate diversity in a multicultural society.
Item 5114, 5 credits, $145, plus $25 fee

*These classes qualify toward a certificate of training in Paraeducator Foundations which consists of a total of six courses.

Note: eLearning for Educators is not a degree-granting program. Some credits may apply toward a degree under certain circumstances.

Carole Brewer, project director
Elaine Kurlinski, project manager