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Electronic Equipment Service TechnicianStudents prepare for careers in the electronic equipment service profession as technicians in a wide range of high tech industries, including broadcast audio, broadcast video, car audio, electronic service, medical equipment repair, office automation and video tape. Employment opportunities may also include mobile electronics installer and electronic assembler. Students acquire and hone service technician skills through extensive practice with live equipment, and prepare for industry certification as Certified Electronics Technicians, Mobile Electronics Certified Professionals, and Certified Broadcast Technologists. This program also provides extended learning opportunities for persons previously or currently employed in these and related occupations.

Program Length: Six quarters (approximate)

Associate of Applied Science Degree: 91 Credits

100+ Level Human Relations 5
100+ Level Communications 5
100+ Level Mathematics 5

EEST 101 Safety Principles 3
EEST 102 Applied Math 5
EEST 103 Electronics Principles I 5
EEST 104 DC Electronics 4
EEST 105 AC Electronics 5
EEST 106 Inductors and Capacitors 4
EEST 107 Electronics Principles II 5
EEST 108 Amplifiers and Transistors 4
EEST 109 Electronic Devices 2
EEST 110 Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers 5
EEST 201 Electronic Principles - Automation 5
EEST 202 Antenna and Satellite Systems 3
EEST 203 Magnetic and Laser Media 3
EEST 204 RF Receivers and Audio Amps 4
EEST 205 Video Projection 1
EEST 206 Emerging Technologies 3
BMST 105 Testing Equipment 5
BMST 106 Soldering 2
BMST 107 Schematics 3
BMST 109 Applied Service I 3
BMST 110 Applied Service II 2