Jae Hoon Choi - Dental Lab Technician

studentJae Hoon Choi came directly to Bates from Pusan, Korea, in 2009 to enroll in the Dental Lab Technician program. His aunt, a former dental lab technician who lives in Buckley, told him about the profession and spoke highly of Bates.

"Bates is my first American school, and I found it really easy to talk with my instructors," said Jae, pronounced Jay.

Jae enjoys his experience at Bates. "I know people from different backgrounds, and I now have American friends. It's different from Korea-everything is different. American people smile a lot, and there is a drive-through for everything."

He noted that while instructors John Howard and Kris Merriman help make learning terms and concepts easier for him, his peers are also easy to turn to when questions arise. "My classmates are really helpful and kind. I really appreciate them."

And even though there is a language barrier, Jae is learning the elements of the program with ease. "The style of teaching is great, especially for international students who need extra help understanding terminology."

After earning his associate of technology degree, Jae plans to continue his education at a four-year college. He still has three quarters left at Bates, so when you see him around, be sure to welcome him-and flash your big American smile.