Sunju Jeon - Dental Lab Technician

studentTwo years ago, Sunju Jeon came to America for a new experience. She participated in a homestay and took English as a Second Language courses at a community college near Seattle.

A dental hygienist in her hometown of Changwon, Korea, Sunju, who pronounces her name Soon, decided to transfer to Bates' Dental Lab Technician program so she could both learn English and pursue an associate of technology degree in the field.

"Bates has helped me to learn English, and I love the dental lab program and my new friends," said Sunju, now in her fourth quarter.

She noted that Laurie Arnold, the college's international student advisor, was very friendly and helpful, and she always spoke clearly to make sure Sunju understood.

Sunju appreciates that her instructors are easy to talk to. "When I don't understand something, I can ask a question or my classmates will help me out."

When asked her advice to international students seeking a similar experience, she said, "Do your best, so you can finish and work toward your goals."

And that's exactly what Sunju is doing. After she graduates next year, her goal is to work in Korea as a dental lab technician.