Local and Global Training Initiatives

Bates Technical College has long been driven by the idea that its boundaries extend beyond the borders of Washington to provide opportunities for two way exchanges for students and faculty.  To make this vision a reality, in the late 1990's Bates began partnering with foreign colleges and businesses.  Since then, Bates has extended its borders to other parts of the world including Asia.  Chinese colleges have joined Bates in creating dual degree programs for their students. Below are a few of our current partnerships.

Zhejiang College of Construction, Hangzhou P.R. of China (Zhejiang Province)

Approximately 200 Chinese students from Zhejiang College of Construction study in the the Architectural Engineering associate degree program at Bates.  This is a dual degree program; while students are completing the degree requirements at Bates, they complete required coursework at Zhejiang College of Construction and receive a BA degree in Architectural Design.  Faculty from both colleges participates in an exchange visit.

Wuxi Professional College of Science and Technology - Wuxi, P.R. of China (Jiangsu Province)

The first dual degree program was started in 2007 with this Chinese college located just outside of Shanghai in Wuxi, China.  It provides Chinese students with an opportunity to obtain an associate degree from Bates Technical College, while completing a bachelor degree at their home college in China.  Beginning each fall, the program offers 70 students a  success-oriented pathway for talented Chinese students to pursue their undergraduate studies in Manufacturing and complete a comprehensive English language course.  Each year department faculty visited each others campus for short-term training and study.

Fuzhou Polytechnic, Fuzhou, P.R. of China (Fujian Province)

In 2011 Fuzhou Polytechnic and Bates Technical College signed an Education Agreement that serves to support technical training programs at each college. Fuzhou and Tacoma have been Sister Cities since 1994.  Like Tacoma, Fuzhou is a port city.  A city and suburban area of more than a million inhabitants, it is known for its timber industry, local tea, and lacquer ware. As part of Fujian, it is also the ancestral home of many Chinese Americans who settled in the Pacific Northwest in the nineteenth century.

Bates International English and Cultural Summer Academy

Liaoning University, Dalian City P.R. of China (Liaoning Province)

The summer academy provides international students an opportunity to study at Bates Technical College to improve their English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills while experiencing the Pacific Northwest environment that is rich in American culture. The program components include English language instruction, educational field trips, career exploration, and recreational activities. Through this program, students have the opportunity to get to know people from Tacoma and other parts of Washington State.  The program is an excellent preparation for persons that want to improve their English or for students that are planning to start a longer-term study in the United States.

World Affairs Council Tacoma and Bates Partnership

Since 1990, Bates has sponsored the World Affairs Council Tacoma. World Affairs Council Tacoma is a non-profit, non-partisan, educational corporation affiliated with the National Association of World Affairs Councils.

The council promotes activities that enhance public awareness of international, cultural, economic and political issues. Functions include lectures, discussion groups, networking events, and professional development programs.

The annual Consular Association Reception is the flagship program that provides the 44 Consuls residing in Washington to meet with a broad spectrum of community, business, government, cultural, and political leaders.  Bates Culinary Arts faculty and students cater the event offering a beautiful display of foods and beverages. 

Classroom on the World

Classroom on the World is an educational program offered by the World Affairs Council to teachers throughout the South Sound. It provides programming on global issues from a variety of policy makers, educators and business professionals. Teachers receive clock hours, curricular materials and a buffet supper. Programs are held at Bates Technical College the second Tuesday of every month of the school year from 4 - 7 p.m. All programs are open to the public, and designed to foster dialogue and understanding around topical issues.