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Assessment Committee

Bill Swarens, 2017-2018, Chair

Meeting Schedule: 2nd Tuesday each month, 11 a.m., DT Room M323

Curriculum Committee

David Paynter, 2017-2018, Chair

Meeting Schedule: 1st Wednesday each month, 11:15 a.m., Clyde Hupp Board Room

The purpose of the Bates Technical College Assessment Committee is to help Bates faculty create a college centered on student learning. We (1) assist faculty in writing clear, measurable student learning outcomes and (2) gather data to describe how well students meet those outcomes. Each year we focus our efforts on one Institution-level Student Learning Outcome (ISLO): Critical Thinking, Effective Communication or Human Diversity.

1. Helping Faculty Write Clear and Measurable Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

The Assessment Committee uses the ABCD Model to assist faculty in the writing of high-quality SLOs for their programs and courses. Our SLOs communicate to students what they will learn while studying at Bates Technical College.

This image defines student learning outcomes and outlines what A, B, C & D stand for.

Why we assess SLOs

Writing clear, measurable SLOs

Bloom's Taxonomy & SLOs

2. Documenting Student Performance on Course-level Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs)

The committee gathers evidence from instructors annually on how well students are performing on learning outcomes at the course level. Each CSLO is aligned with outcomes at the program and institution level. By focusing one Institutional Student Learning Outcome (ISLO) per year the Assessment Committee documents how students are meeting the full spectrum of outcomes every three years.

This image shows the three Institution Student Learning Outcomes connected in a circle with arrows

How we align our SLOs

Student Performance on SLOs

Assessment Documents

AC Meeting Minutes