Program Outcomes (Carpentry)

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At the successful completion of the program curriculum, students will be able to:

  1. Perform general carpentry skills.
  2. Identify, select, and supervise application of construction materials.
  3. Draw, read, and interpret drawings and specifications.
  4. Interpret and apply codes, regulations, and contract documents.
  5. Survey and investigate construction sites.
  6. Select and maintain construction site tools and equipment.
  7. Interpret basic designs and apply sound construction principles.
  8. Take off quantities and estimate costs.
  9. Plan, coordinate, schedule and control projects.
  10.  Use hand and power tools safely and efficiently.
  11. Demonstrate sustainable building practices and material application.
  12. Interpret technical information from blueprints.
  13. Estimate materials and labor necessary to complete a building project.
  14. Work as a productive carpentry team member.
  15. Apply the required safety standards in construction.

In addition, the following college-wide learning outcomes reflect the guiding expectations of all programs at Bates Technical College:

  • Human Diversity
  • Effective Communication
  • Critical-thinking