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At the successful completion of the program curriculum, students will be able to:

  1. Assemble the components of a PC and install one or more operating systems resulting in a functioning PC that is appropriate for a particular end user.
  2. Design a small or medium sized computer network including media types, end devices, and interconnecting devices that meets a customer's specific needs.
  3. Perform basic configurations on routers and Ethernet switches.
  4. Perform basic tasks expected of a Network Administrator including management of user accounts, shared resources, and network security.
  5. Perform operational tasks within a Linux environment, such as the creation and management of files, folders and accounts.
  6. Construct simple computer scripts that accomplish a given task.
  7. Perform standard DNS and DHCP management operations, such as set-up, modify and troubleshoot.
  8. Define basic network security issues and possible solutions.

In addition, the following college-wide learning outcomes reflect the guiding expectations of all programs at Bates Technical College:

  • Human Diversity
  • Effective Communication
  • Critical Thinking